When you wake up all ready and prepared for  what’s meant to be a flawless day then bam! You walk in to prepare for a meeting to find the venue closed. First thing that comes to mind is “how dare they”then just as luck would have it, you catch the eye of the cleaner minding his own business inside the venue and it’s that hallelujah moment because at least you can now go in and set up.

Fast forward to where we’re all set up for the meeting and delegates are all settled. Only to be pulled aside by one of the speakers to ask you what they are supposed to present on considering they weren’t briefed on time…Like hell dude? 

The Agenda was sent 3 whole weeks ago, that’s exactly 21 calendar days ago! Not forgetting that it was the same dude that requested a later date to get his presentation ready. #gobsmacked

All I can think of is a punch bag that lives in my head.

It’s hard not to glare but in the name professionalism you offer your two cents that the dude just wing it.

Thankful for the ability to think on my feet and the great team, we make sure no-one else catches wind of what just happened and the meeting goes well.

Big lesson I learnt from this is that you need to be prepared and ready to innovate. Out there, you will always meet people who are happy to sit back and watch you make a fool of yourself. Refuse to be caught with your pants down.It’s up to you to #Slay and in a big way. Stand tall. Do you.put on the brightest smile and do what needs to be done. Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty. It’s no use to mop about it at that moment. Do what needs to be done and then straighten it out later after the job is done. So much joy is found when all is accomplished.

Another major lesson I learnt is that some people are just so disorganized. If you somehow feel that the venue is not very responsive during pre-event preparations, by all means have a plan B. Thanks to the awesome team leader who always preempts these things, we brought sound and a projector  from our office. The projector which the venue was supposed to provide didn’t even happen so we plugged ours in and managed to have the presentation.

That’s it for today! To be continued …